Urbech - paste from seeds and nuts!
Natural and delicious energy!

healthy vegan superfood

Urbech will be interesting to people who:


Love sports


Love natural products




Take care of health


Looking for new taste sensations

As you know, seeds are the embryos of plants and they have a hidden supply of nutrients and protective substances for growth.


Urbech is a ready-to-use solution, as well as a tasty base for your culinary experiments.
A few of our recipes on the Facebook page will help you create a delicious menu with the addition of seeds and nuts.Delicious :)


  • What is part of the urbech?

    The only ingredients in urbech are roasted seeds and nuts. No dyes or preservatives! Natural preservative in urbech is an oil found in seeds and nuts.

  • Is there an allergy to urbech?

    Flax seeds help treat allergies. Removes toxins from the body. Allergy to other urbech depends on individual intolerance to seeds and nuts.

  • What is the difference between brown and golden flax urbech?

    The difference between golden flax and brown, is the difference of several active substances. White flax is also more delicate in taste. Try two and write which one you like :)

  • Terms and conditions of storage of urbech?

    We recommend storing at temperatures up to 25 ℃ without direct sunlight - 1 year.
    Historically, urbech was taken by shepherds, going for six months in the mountains, you know what were the conditions in the mountains ... urbech stand these tests.

  • How do we deliver urbech?

    We deliver our wonderful urbech only by parcel with payment at the expense of the recipient.

  • With what eat urbech?

    Urbech - a delicious base for sauces, fruits, meat, cheese, dessert.

What our customers say about our product

Very tasty, real urbech. Many years ago I lived in the Caucasus, where I first tasted this product. There it is served with melted butter and honey to fresh chureks (cakes).
I really missed that taste. Today I received urbech and was very happy, because the taste and smell is just that - nostalgic.
Thank you very much!


Ivankiv, Ukraine

The most delicious urbech of all that I ate !!!!!Despite the fact that I do not eat honey and eat this urbech in its pure form!Very tasty and infinitely useful!


Severodonetsk, Ukraine