Urbech "Peanut Seeds" 250g
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Urbech "Peanut Seeds" 250g

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Only peanut seeds, roasted and ground on a stone mill.
In addition to its pleasant taste, peanuts are rich in a number of useful acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is full of nutrients that provide the body with energy for active living. One hundred grams of peanuts contains half the daily amount of magnesium and phosphorus. All this combined with extremely low cholesterol makes it suitable for a healthy diet.
Its polyphenols are natural antioxidants. They are actively used in the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, protect body cells from premature aging and the appearance of malignant tumors.
Linoleic acid promotes the development of memory cells and helps the body produce arachidonic acid, which regulates cholesterol and protects the cells of our body.
Contains fiber, which has a positive effect on digestion and improves the condition of the gastrointestinal tract.
Like any product, peanuts may not be ideal for all people, so it is important to know the features of your body and follow simple rules:

Peanuts help increase blood viscosity, so it is not recommended for people with diseased blood vessels and varicose veins.
Peanuts are not recommended for people with gout.
Peanuts can cause individual intolerance.
Eating peanuts in large quantities can lead to indigestion.
You should also take into account the high caloric content of the product, limit the amount of consumption should be in obesity, as well as those who monitor their weight or "sit" on a diet.
Energy value - 588 kcal
Nutritional value per 100g
Proteins - 26.0 g
Jury - 45.0 g
Carbohydrates - 10.0 g
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