Urbech Cocoa Bean Seeds "100%Chocolate" 250g
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Urbech Cocoa Bean Seeds "100%Chocolate" 250g

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Only cocoa beans are roasted and ground on stone grinders.
Cocoa beans are the seeds of the chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao). They were used by the Indians of pre-Columbian America, and the scientific name Theobroma cacao, translated from Latin - "food of the gods", the tree received in the middle of the XVIII century from Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus. Such a pathetic name is easy to explain - cocoa beans, according to biologists, contain about 400 substances, most of which have useful and sometimes even essential for human health.
The benefits of cocoa beans and products made from them, due to their rich composition of nutrients:
Acceleration of peripheral blood supply. It helps lower blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on short-term memory.
The tone of the walls of blood vessels increases. They become more resilient, which reduces the possibility of cardiovascular disease - heart attacks and strokes.
Increases collagen secretion. It stimulates the synthesis of elastane, promotes epithelial repair, which helps to preserve the youth of the skin for a long time.
Metabolism accelerates. This action has a beneficial effect on the membranes of cellular structures, reducing the possibility of malignant cell degeneration.
The mood improves. Even a small amount of dark chocolate has a positive effect on the neurons of the central nervous system.
Prolonged remission of bronchial asthma is possible. In this disease, warm drinks from ground cocoa beans - chocolate or cocoa - are advised to use even at the time of exacerbation, as they stimulate the expansion of bronchial branches.
There is another very interesting natural property of dark chocolate - it is an aphrodisiac, increases potency in men and libido in women. Dark chocolate has a special effect on the fairer sex - a bar of these delicacies in the mood can cause a slight euphoria.
:) In order to reduce ESR and increase hemoglobin, it is enough to consume 50 g of dark chocolate a day with a cocoa content above 72%.
Cocoa beans are contraindicated
people with allergies to this product (dark chocolate is one of the products in the top ten allergens)
High doses of chocolate and products made from cocoa beans provoke calcium leaching, so they should not be admired by pregnant women and introduced to the menu for children under 3 years.
Diabetes - blood sugar rises.
Preparation for surgery
Intestinal disorders - increases the rate of metabolic processes, which has a laxative effect.
If a person has frequent migraine attacks, vasospasm is possible.
Gout and similar diseases associated with uric acid metabolism. Recipes with urbech from cocoa beans we will post on our Facebook page :)
Our recipes from urbech
Try, evaluate, enjoy real 100% chocolate.
Energy value - 565.3 Kcal
Nutritional value per 100g
Proteins - 12.8 g
Fat - 53.2 years
Carbohydrates - 9.4 g
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