Urbech Sesame Seeds"Tahini" 230g
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Urbech Sesame Seeds"Tahini" 230g

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Only sesame seeds, roasted and ground on a stone mill.
A viscous, pleasant-tasting mass of ground sesame seeds is a traditional ingredient in Arabic cuisine. From the XIII century. it is known in the Middle East as "thina" or "tahini". Already in the Middle Ages, sesame paste was used by African, Iranian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Japanese chefs.
This versatile snack goes well with bread and vegetables, meat dishes and fruit desserts. Tahini contains 4 substances that are extremely important for immunity: iron, zinc, selenium and copper. Regular consumption of sesame paste protects against seasonal SARS and influenza, accelerates recovery from infectious diseases, helps prevent cancer, helps the body get rid of toxins and harmful metabolic products, improves blood clotting. As an excellent source of fiber, tahini is recommended for people suffering from sluggish digestion and constipation. Unlike whole sesame seeds, thyme is easier to digest! Contraindications !!! As sesame improves blood clotting, it is not recommended for people suffering from increased coagulation, thrombosis and thrombosis. Sesame is also contraindicated for those who suffer from urolithiasis.
Energy value 565 Kcal
Nutritional value per 100 g:
Proteins 24.7 g
Jury 48.42 g
Carbohydrates 12.2 g
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